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Manicure / Pedicure Treatments

  • Manicure / Pedicure Treatment

Spa Manicure with Warm Paraffin

This three-phase treatment begins with the exfoliation of dry, dead skin cells. Then a moisturizing lotion is slowly applied while giving the hand a thorough massage for the utmost penetration. Next, the hands are dipped into warm paraffin and placed into warming mittens to completely seal the moisture. This treatment will leave your hands feeling softer and smoother than ever before. A manicure and polish adds the finishing spa touch.


Time-Saver Manicure

The nails are shaped and cleaned, cuticles groomed and the polish of your choice is applied.


CND Shellac Manicure

A complete manicure and polish with Shellac Nail Polish. Polish lasts up to 14 days without losing shine and shimmer.


CND Shellac Polish Change

Soak off removal and reapplication of Shellac Polish. Includes grooming of nail and cuticle.


CND Shellac Removal

Soak off removal of Shellac Polish without reapplication.


Spa Pedicure with Warm Paraffin

After indulging in our European massage whirlpool chair and receiving your pedicure, feet are covered with a soothing scented paraffin which penetrates to soften, smooth and moisturize. This is a wonderful treatment for those with extremely dry feet.


Aveda Stress-Fix Pedicure

Reduce feelings of stress on feet with a Stress-Fix pedicure, aroma with lavender, and clary sage is incorporated throughout the nail treatment. The feet are softened and moisturized with an intensive hydrating masque and wrapped in warm steam towels.


Hot Stone Pedicure

A wonderful therapeutic treatment. After soaking and exfoliating, smooth warm stones will be massaged into your feet and calves rubbing out tension in an experience like no other.


Time-Saver Pedicure

When short on time, this service includes the proper maintenance and grooming of the nails and cuticles without the exfoliation and personalized massage.


Polish Change

We will apply the polish of your choice. Does not include grooming service of nails or cuticles.

$20 - $10 extra for shellac

Paraffin Dip

A warm paraffin mask is applied to the hands or feet to help moisturize deeply and protect against harsh environmental factors. Also a good therapeutic treatment for those suffering from joint issues.

Add-on Treatment


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