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Men’s Hair Removal

Male waxing is gaining popularity with men from all walks of life. Straight or gay; athlete or coach; professional or construction worker: It doesn’t matter! Male waxing has become an important and accepted part of male grooming.

It is less irritating than shaving and more attractive than buzzing down. Waxing also last a lot longer, cutting down on your daily hair removal regimen.

Our Estheticians have extensive experience with male hair removal. Whether you want to clean up the hair that sneaks out of your collar, wax your chest, back or even pubic area with a male Brazilian wax, we can help. With a perfect waxing technique we can remove hair from your most sensitive areas with minimal discomfort and total discretion.

Just because you are a man doesn’t mean you can’t have your eyebrows groomed (unibrows do not have to be a part of being a man). Our Estheticians can sculpt your brows without making them looked waxed.

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